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Veronica Rexford

Candidate for Erie County Council District One


About Veronica Rexford

Candidate for District One County Council

I will work to make Millcreek a more vibrant, healthy and prosperous community.

I was born and raised in Millcreek. My mother, two oldest children, and I are Trojans - we’re a McDowell family. My youngest child is in 4th grade at Tracy Elementary school, she’s an artist and my biggest supporter.

I had a blue collar upbringing and was the first college graduate in my family - earning my degree in journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Now, I represent our community in a multitude of ways, currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Erie Sewer Authority Board, a member of the Millcreek Township School District Citizens Advisory Board, and I was recently elected as the secretary as the NAACP’s local branch.

I am a single, working Mom. We get things done! My children are my heart and I want this community to be theirs for as long as it has been mine, and my parents before me. But, they will only stay if economic opportunities are abundant, housing is affordable, and jobs are on the rise - these are the things I will fight for.



I am a Creative Problem Solver

I’ll never point out a problem without offering a solution. As a grant writer, I have brought in more than 2 million dollars in federal, state and local grants to community organizations. This money has supported advocacy for youth diagnosed with disabilities, after school and summer learning programs, adult education, and community and economic development projects. Planning a program or project that fills a need, getting funding, and then managing those programs and funds requires some important skills that are relevant to serving on County Council. An elected official needs to clearly identify not just issues but solutions, work collaboratively with colleagues and partners to fund and implement those solutions, and manage and record the results.

I am a Community Advocate

I have spent a lot time over the last 10 years, often in 3-5 minute increments, speaking before elected bodies to advocate for issues and projects I believe in. My experiences with diverse populations of people is an asset. I provide services for, work with and advocate for people from many cultures, countries and religious backgrounds.

I come by it honestly! I started in County politics when I was 6 years old. My grandmother Vera Sayre ran for County Commissioner in (about) 1974. She was a consumer advocate candidate and community organizer. The skyrocketing cost of a gallon of milk was a big deal at that time. My mom and I would go out with her to campaign in front of grocery stores like Erie County Farms and Paul Bunyan. We would bring a cow with us and hand out mimeographed flyers asking people to vote for Vera. I learned political advocacy out in the community with her and at her feet, sitting under the table at the fire hall on many election days.


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